Strangelight Bureau

With a mandate to protect the populace from all things dark and unknown, it is up to the brave agents of the Bureau to investigate strange and supernatural happenings all across Immoren. Created in response to the sudden upswing in reports of mysterious and occult activity, it was formed into a multi-national organization with branches in all corners of the Iron Kingdoms. Though it is not a particularly large or well funded department, their task allows them full and complete cooperation with local governments whenever a serious incident is reported. It is dangerous work, and only the most dedicated individuals apply.

Most agents are local and based solely in a specific region. This generally makes them well versed on the happenings within their territory. Their job is poorly understood by most, and often viewed either with suspicion or awe. Strangelight agents are considered to be some of the foremost experts on supernatural matters. They can count members of the Order of Illumination, Fraternal Order of Wizardry, and many other like organizations as some of their best field agents. The Bureau’s main headquarters is in Caspia.

Lately, the United National Oversight Committee has begun to see the need for a specialized response team that can cross borders in order to deal with… special threats. There are a number of new cases and remnants from the Great War that have prompted the formation of such a unique squad.


The Bureau answers to the United National Oversight Committee, a group which currently regulates all multi-national efforts. The head of the Bureau is the Director who is served by the Deputy Director and his staff secretaries. Each region has a Chief Agent who assigns tasks and reports back to the Director. Special Agents are ones that have abilities that make them particularly suited to specific duties. An Acting Special Agent might be temporarily promoted as needed due to circumstance.

The Team

Due to a number of incidents that have occurred over the last few years, the Director has requested permission to form a special response squad that would have the authority to act across borders in order to deal with particularly dangerous threats. The Oversight Committee has just granted his request. While some of the members of the team will be pulled from particularly promising current agents, the Director has decided to recruit from a number of different places…

Strangelight Bureau

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