Great War

The Great War

Though the war officially began with Khador’s invasion of Llael, one could make a case that Vinter’s invasion of Corvis being the tipping point. Indeed, Cygnar seemed to bear the brunt of much of the conflict, being assaulted from multiple sides. In accordance with their treaty with Llael, Cygnar declared war on Khador, moving to defend their ally. Khador responded in kind, ransacking numerous border towns. The Portectorate of Menoth chose that moment to sever their ties with Khador as well and began incursions on the Cygnaran border. The island nation of Cryx proved to be a threat to everyone, though the full extent of their motivation was mysterious. Ord and Rhul were not officially at war with anyone, though their troops still saw some combat spilling over from other battlefields.

Farther into the war, the rogue faction of The Retribution of Scyrah forced the hand of the Iosans and became involved. Vinter returned with an army of Skorne from across the Bloodstone Marches, though his command of them was eventually challenged. Worse, the dragon Everblight crafted a legion of blighted, monstrous creatures and swept into the fray.

Indeed, it was Cryx and Everblight that proved to be far greater threats than anyone was prepared for. Both groups had their eye on the total domination of Immoren and cared nothing for the well being of the mortal inhabitants. The other nations banded together, almost too late, to stop their plans.

Though details remain either classified or ill understood all together, Cryx, lead by Asphyxious, attempted to gain control of a powerful artifact in a climactic battle. The forces of the Protectorate and Cygnar along with a small group of Khadorans managed to barely prevent the disaster. Heirarch Voyle sacrificed his life to destroy the Iron Lich and the artifact. Commander Adept Nemo barely survived the encounter, suffering grievous wounds as a result.

In another show of cooperation, Khador, Cygnar, the Protectorate, and some Iosan forces beat back a massive incursion of Skorne forces. No longer led by Vinter, the Skorne seemed more inclined to simply destroy whatever and whoever they came across, burning a swath of destruction.

Everblight’s legion was eventually decimated by a coalition force led by Khador with assistance from Rhul, Ord, the remnants of the Llaelese and Nyss forces, and surprisingly, Ios. The bitter dragon’s anthanc was pried from the Ogrun corpse and sent into the most northern reaches of Immoren.

With that, the war was over. Each country had suffered terrible casualties. It was at the behest of the noble Cygnaran king Leto that they all gathered in Corvis to sign a new treaty. Pledging their support to one another, a tentative peace took hold in the aftermath of the worst bloodshed Immoren had seen since the rebellion against the Orgoth.

Great War

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