Ruled by the valiant King Leto, Cygnar suffered the brunt of the war. Besieged from all sides, the mighty kingdom seemed doomed. Leto’s resolve never wavered, however, and it was his refusal to dismiss diplomacy all together that likely saved the Iron Kingdoms in the end.

Despite the severe drain on their resources and high casualties, Cygnar has found itself in a better position than many of the other countries. Leto was the first to the treaty table, allowing him to dictate the flow of negotiations. His incredible skills as a diplomat proved as valuable as good tactical position. He lobbied for the freeing of Llael and worked out a new agreement with the Protectorate of Menoth, granting them greater freedom of self-governance in exchange for their participation in the talks. It’s large land size, great natural resources, and technical superiority has left Cygnar as one of the forerunners of the new age.

During the conflict, a group of heroes mounted a daring raid on the Skorne’s main encampment, freeing Professor Victor Pendrake from his imprisonment. The man’s time with the Skorne provided him with valuable insight into their tactics and gave a much needed advantage against them in future clashes. Just as importantly, the heroes rescued the Lady Danae, Leto’s wife, who had been held captive by Vinter for over a decade. With her was Dominick, her and Leto’s now adolescent son. With their return, Leto threw himself doubly into the war effort, heart lifted and more determined than ever to prevail.

While Vinter went missing after his falling out with the Skorne forces, it was discovered that the man had a bastard son who was being groomed by Asheth Magnus. Bitter over the betrayal he had suffered at Vinter’s hands, Magnus fully intended to install Julius on the throne of Cygnar. His plan was upended by Allister Caine who had been hunting for the child for years. The boy narrowly avoided death thanks to the intervention of Scout General Rebald who changed Caine’s orders at the last moment.

There is currently a great deal of speculation regarding the succession of Cygnar’s throne. While he has since been integrated into the Raelthorne family, many people are concerned that Julius has too much of his father in him. Dominick has had trouble adapting to life in Caspia after being raised among the Skorne. The young man is more studious than his cousin, but still possesses a distressingly domineering streak. Sources say the two boys get along well, however, seeming to understand one another in a way that few others do. Leto still has many years as monarch ahead of him, but will need to pick a successor soon.

Persons of Interest

Warmaster General Coleman Stryker
As both punishment for the terrible extremes of his actions and as a reward for the bravery and sacrifice he displayed, Coleman Stryker was promoted to Warmaster General after the retirement of the old General at the end of the war. Though he is incredibly young for the position, Stryker’s field experience and tactical acumen have earned him the respect of his seniors. He consults often with the retired Nemo.

Adept Sebastian Nemo
Badly wounded at the end of the War, Sebastian Nemo never entirely recovered from his wounds. He still requires the use of a cane to get around and has greatly reduced mobility. He was unanimously elected to be the head of the new University of Mechanikal Innovation and still serves as an adviser for Cygnar’s military academy.



University of Mechanikal Innovation

Strangelight Bureau Headquarters



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