The New Age

The Great War has come and gone in Immoren. The Iron Kingdoms learned a harsh lesson and nearly lost everything in their petty conflicts. Now they must put aside their pride and learn to work together in order to survive in this bold new era.

Ten years have passed since the conflict and the signing of the New Corvis Treaty. The major kingdoms have pledged cooperation. This time of peace has brought forth an unheard of atmosphere of innovation and collaboration, bringing advances in science, technology, and magic. Borders are more easily crossed, and the new railway systems crisscross all of Western Immoren and provide quicker, safer travel at reasonable costs. New organizations have been brought into being that govern and oversee these international concerns in a display of unheard of multi-national partnership. While tension still runs deep and strong within the highest echelons of the governments, the average people are beginning to enjoy the fruits of the new coalition. Peace is settling in, and it agrees with the common folk.

There are still remnants of the vast evil that nearly consumed the Iron Kingdoms during the great war. The lingering effects of Cryx, the Legion of Everblight, and even the Skorne’s dark magics could threaten the infant peace of the land. The legacy of the Orgoth and other ancient civilizations disturbed by the passing of vile energies and so much death only adds to the problem. The brave new age lays uneasily upon the back of long buried terrors — horrors which now stir in the shadows of progress.

This is the mandate of the Strangelight Bureau: Protect the people from the hidden dangers that lurk in the dark. This is their task.

Strangelight Files